Vampire Diaries

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Vampire Diaries 
If you are a fan of Vampire Diaries, you ought to know who the leading figures are in the popular T.V. Series. During the time of writing, Vampire Diaries year two has ended with countless unanswered questions that pave ways for a more thrilling season three. The leading vampire’s figures in season two have been Katherine Pierce, Stefan Salvatore and Damon Salvatore. The plot was unlike the old stories, where witches were portrayed as evil and villains against individual race. From the narrative, leading figures Katherine, Stefan and Damon themselves have been victims of the blood thirsty vampires. Since they’d experienced the sufferings of becoming one, they chose to find a means to survive without needing to feed on human blood. 

Salvatore Brothers

Their good nature and love for peace brought their 3 of them to gang up to battle evil ones and safeguard the human race. The film brought us into a world full of mystic beings like vampires, werewolves and witches. If you are looking for Halloween costume ideas, this picture could provide you some terrific ideas to explore. As an example, if you have been dressing up as bad vampire on your previous Halloween celebrations, possibly this popular series offer you another angle this type of vampire could looks as tiny as Katherine Pierce or as charming as Stefan Salvatore. 


These modern vampire outfits do not have the conventional tow tone cape with collar, medallion or top with attached printed vest to appear spooky or frightening. For ladies, you could wear their beautiful Southern Belle costume as wore by Katherine Pierce from the series. The standard Southern Belle costume comes along with long dress, attached hoop, sash and picture frame hat. The lace gloves are often sold individually and would add more glamour if you’ve one. Even as a vampire, you could be elegant and like a princess and bewitched all the men around you. For men, you could paint your face and lip pale. 

Put on a dark colour warlord jacket and pant. If you believe you need a wig in order to make you appear more dashing, you may easily get a wig like Ed Cullen from the Twilight Saga movies. Well, this is contemporary vampire where you don’t look frightening. In fact, I bet you’ll look charming and dashing in these modern costumes and will turn every girl heads. Shopping for costumes is simple today. The best place in order in order to shop for one is none other than their Internet. Unlike some boutiques in shopping centres, whereby you could only find limited range of costumes. In their Internet, you could find a wide or nearly a complete range of costumes. Remember if you’re planning to shop for one, make sure you visit a reliable and reputable site in order to avoid any disappointment later.

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